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The identification of celebrity calligraphy and painting is a matter of testing eyesight and experience. The following identification of Jinan celebrity calligraphy and painting summarizes some minor supporting evidence to identify celebrity calligraphy and painting. I hope it will be helpful to you all.
Alias: Alias have always been taken seriously, and painters and other writers are not likely to make such mistakes. Such as painting and calligraphy or inscriptions, especially the inscriptions of painting and calligraphy, and so on, are considered to be the horse's feet exposed by the counterfeiters.
Taboo: In the feudal emperor's era, writing should be taboo, that is, when writing the same words as the name of the emperor of this dynasty, we should write less, which is called taboo, commonly known as the lack of pen. On the painting and calligraphy, we can conclude that the creation period of the painting and calligraphy can not be earlier than that of the taboo generation of the emperor, otherwise it is a loophole of falsification. This issue has always been an irrefutable proof.
Year and Month: The year and month inscribed on the calligraphy and painting or the inscription or the author's age, birth and death do not match, or are different from the facts, will also be considered as a sign of falsification. For example, Zhang Daqianzang's Wind and Rain Map and Volume of Xiangjiang River have been photocopied in the first episode of Dafengtang. Paper, long. Painting ink, stone, wind, rain and bamboo. Self-awareness; wind forest Gu Youyun, aspire to Kun Ji, have been writing "Xiangjiang Wind and Rain" for three years, but give too little to pay for it. This year, I went to Shangjing Teachers'College to take wine with my friends and bid farewell to the south of Lucheng City. I took advantage of the prosperity, but I was ashamed to use my pen poorly, but my friendship was amiable. When the orthodox Bing Yin (11 years, 1446 years) was looking forward to the next day in autumn and July, Xia Zhao Zhongzhong knew it well. Jun Zhuwen's "East Wu Xia Zhao Zhongzhao Book Print" and "Taichangqing Book Print" etc. In addition, the Beijing Institute of Cultural Relics keeps a volume of inscriptions on paintings, which are exactly the same as Zhang's Tibetan edition. Draw on raw paper, and at the end of the paper, the pulp is boiled. Looking closely at the two scrolls of brushes, both of them are not calm enough, and the style is slightly slightly written by the French school, which is completely a one-handed work. Taking the inscriptions in the authentic works of Xia Paintings and collating them, we know that Bing Yin (1446) Xia was still studying in the official department in the eleventh year of orthodoxy, while his official Tai Changqing was ugly in five years from Tianshun to Chenghua (1457-1469), so it is impossible to use the seal of "Tai Changqing Book" in the orthodoxy. Therefore, it is affirmed that most of the two volumes were from the mid-Ming Dynasty. A fake copy copied out of thin air. The counterfeiters have not carefully investigated and studied Xia's life story, so they have exposed such a flaw. The following examples of fake calligraphy are also used to judge and identify.
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